Want swimming pool prices? See how much a pool costs.

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How Much Does a Pool Cost?

Pool prices vary depending on the kind of swimming pool you want to buy. The overall pool cost is determined on other options as well.

Select the type of swimming pool you are interested in to see the latest pool prices for inground & above ground pools in your local area.

Inground Pool Cost

An inground pool costs on average $51,625 to install, with most homeowners spending between $36,750 to $66,500.

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Above Ground Pool Cost

Above-ground pool typically cost $1,500 without installation and range from $850 to $8,200 depending on brand & size.

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Pool Resources

PoolCost.com provides a wide variety of consumer resources to make your job of finding a pool builder easier. If you have questions about buying a pool, you’ll find answers here. Want to know how much your pool payments will be? Start here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can enter in your city and state to find average pool prices in your region. For exact pool pricing you’ll need to get an estimate from a pool contractor that specializes in swimming pool construction. A pool builder will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate on what your pool project will actually cost. PoolCost.com provides you with ballpark pricing on what pools cost in your particular market. This is not a formal estimate and is only meant to provide consumers with a guideline of what typical pool prices are in their region.

Pool Cost is a sister site of Pool Contractor the largest directory for swimming pool contractors on the internet, so we can certainly help you find a builder. The contractors listed in that directory are the ones who provide the actual work. Pool Cost and our affiliate sites are consumer portals and we are not the actual builders or contractors.

Pricing information is based on the latest pricing available from the top distributors. We base the average cost of a swimming pool with various options on what the average price of those components costs at retail and apply the average markup and pricing based on a particular market in the United States. PoolCost.com does not providing pricing information for swimming pools outside of the U.S.

PoolCost.com conducts an annual survey of swimming pool construction companies to find out how much they are charging for pools in a particular market. PoolCost.com is your guide for finding pool pricing without going through the hassle of a sales call but we do not make any claims that every pool builder charges the same prices. Pricing may fluctuate from city to city by thousands of dollars. For consumers who want the exact price of a pool, the best method is obviously contacting a pool builder for a formal estimate.