According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), there are approximately 10.4 million home pools in the United States. If you have a pool in your outdoor space, you’re certainly aware that it takes lots of work to maintain it clean, which includes installing an automatic pool cover. However, how can you tell…

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Automatic Pool Covers

According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), there are approximately 10.4 million home pools in the United States. If you have a pool in your outdoor space, you’re certainly aware that it takes lots of work to maintain it clean, which includes installing an automatic pool cover. However, how can you tell if automatic pool covers are the right choice for you and your backyard pool?

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Automatic Pool Covers

Continue reading to learn how automatic pool covers work, as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

How Do Automatic Pool Covers Work?

Automatic pool covers are not for everyone, but they are an excellent option for many pool owners. The best safety cover will ensure debris is out of the pool, reducing the amount of time you spend cleaning it. However, you can choose between automatic and manual pool covers, which use a hand crank and cloth.

An automated cover is worth considering if you do not want to deal with manually cranking a manual type. The following are the fundamentals of how automated pool covers function.


The leading edge tube of these pool covers connects to the cover’s leading edge. That side aligns with one of the pool’s sides, and both sides have parallel rails. The tracks will rotate in the right direction to open or shut your swimming pool when you open or close the pool cover.

Pool covers are available in a range of sizes and shapes; however, the majority are built for inground swimming pools. So, if you own an above-ground pool, a manual cover is the way to go.


An automatic pool cover that attaches inside the pool’s edge is available on the market. If you do not want the pool cover to be too noticeable, this is a good option. When you close your swimming pool, the cover sits just above the pool water.

On the pool deck, you can also install an automatic pool cover. The deck is a nice spot for the cover if you do not want it near the pool water. It will still cover the water, but it will be able to stretch beyond the pool’s edges. To conceal the retractable cover, get an in-deck track system.


Automatic pool covers are powered by one of two kinds of systems. One choice is to use electricity and remote control to open and close your pool.

You can obtain an automatic pool cover with a hydraulic system if you have frequent power outages or don’t want to rely on energy. To move the lid, the system will use liquid fluid power.

Advantages of Automated Pool Covers

If you’re not sure whether you want this type of pool cover, consider the benefits.

Reduces Heat Transfer

Pool covers can help in regulating your pool’s water temperature by retaining heat in your pool. This is extremely handy when the weather isn’t as hot at the start or closing of the pool season. It is also a fantastic choice for lowering heating expenses in colder conditions.

The cover is thick enough to trap the heat when you close it. While some heat might escape, you will not be too cold once you’re in the pool. Another way to keep the heat in is by using solar pool covers.

Reduction in Evaporation

You can lose some pool water to evaporation as it passes through the water cycle like any other body of water. Because automatic pool covers prevent the pool water from rising, the only option for it to complete the water cycle is to fall back into your pool.

If the pool’s surface area is big, you may be able to conserve a significant amount of pool water. You will not need to worry about keeping the pool water clean.

Maintains the Pool’s Cleanliness

Pool owners can use automatic pool covers to prevent animals or leaves from entering the pool water. Because debris can affect the pool’s pH level, a cover not only keeps it clean but also balances the levels.

Another advantage of using a pool cover to keep debris out is that the pool will likely last longer. Unbalanced pool water and excess debris can harm the interior (including the plaster) and need greater maintenance.

Enhanced Security

While any pool cover will keep the swimming pool clean, automatic pool covers will also provide additional safety.

Any pool should be safe, particularly if you live in a neighborhood with children or have kids. According to the CDC, accidental drowning is the 5th largest cause of mortality in the United States. You should not use a pool cover as the sole means of preventing drowning, but it can help to minimize the danger if properly placed.

Because most automatic pool covers require a code or key to open, you can prevent curious people from doing so.

Several Choices

You might be wondering if you can use an automatic pool cover if you have an unusually shaped or huge pool. Fortunately, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can choose one that matches your pool.

In addition, you can select the kind of mechanism that you can use to operate the lid. You have a variety of choices, whether you want a big hydraulic cover or a small electric one.

The Drawbacks of Automatic Pool Covers

While automatic models are convenient, they are not without flaws. Consider the downsides of an automated cover before purchasing one.

Restricts Movement of Chemical

Chemicals, like heat and water, can stay in the swimming pool. If you use a pool cover and add too much chlorine to the pool, you might see that it stays around longer. High chlorine levels might corrode the metal in the cover mechanism.

But you can reduce the issue by adjusting the amount of chlorine you use. After that, you’ll be able to acquire enough chlorine to keep your pool water clean while avoiding overdoing it.

It Might Get Too Hot

The best automatic pool covers can help maintain a high temperature, but this can also be disadvantageous. If the weather is scorching during the hot months, you might find that the pool is too hot.

Can rainwater be collected?

Although these covers can prevent rain from entering your pool, the water must still be disposed of. If there is no draining of the pool water, it might accumulate on the cover. Although an automatic pool cover can withstand some weight, a lot of rain can ruin the cover. To get rid of excess water, you might sometimes have to use a pool cover pump.

Also, if there is a lot of snow in the winter, the snow can be excessively heavy. A lot of snow can rip the cover’s ropes or possibly disrupt the whole system. The best pool pillow can aid in the removal of ice from your winter cover.


You must, of course, factor in the expense of an automatic pool cover. Most models cost more than $10,000, not including the swimming pool. If you have a pool in your backyard, adding a cover might not be as difficult as you think. You might not be able to purchase a cover if you’re installing a new pool.

You need to think about whether the benefits outweigh the additional costs. After that, you can get the appropriate automated cover for the pool.

Ongoing maintenance

Remember to budget for ongoing fees while budgeting for an automatic pool cover. To ensure that the pool cover is in good working order, have it serviced once a year. You might also need to schedule an emergency repair if you have a problem.

You never know when the pool cover will become stuck, or the lock will refuse to open. When purchasing these pool covers, keep in mind the cost and time of maintenance.

In addition, ensure that you maintain it on a regular basis, particularly during the cold months.

Automatic Pool Covers


The benefits and drawbacks of automatic pool covers are numerous. Some people are willing to put up with the disadvantages in order to benefit from the advantages.

If you have children or pets and want their safety, these pool covers are an option. Keep the key out of the reach of your family and friends so they don’t fall into the pool or get in without your permission.

If you do not like to clean the pool or don’t want to pay someone to do it for you, a pool cover is a terrific solution. Even if your summers aren’t particularly hot, you might appreciate the added warmth that these covers can bring.

Automatic pool covers can make your pool water too hot if you have scorching summertime weather. Conversely, if you live somewhere where the cold months are harsh, and there is too much snow, the snow may cause the cover to break.

If you are on a tight budget, the extra expense might not be worth it now. Fortunately, you can begin with a manual cover and update to an automatic one later if you have the money.

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