On average above ground pools take 1-3 days to build while inground pools typically take 6-8 weeks. However in 2021, expect extended waiting times due to high demand.

May 16, 2021 by Pool Cost
How long does a pool take to build?
How long does a pool take to build?

Summer is approaching and you have decided to build an inground pool. You will love your new pool, and now is the perfect time to build one to entertain guests and keep cool during the hot summer days. However, it is May, and you are dying to go diving; how much longer must you wait? While we cannot provide specific dates, we can provide an estimate of how long you will be swimming from the time you sign a pool builder agreement.

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How Long Does a Pool Take to Build

Pool building is a time-consuming process, but it can be broken down into a couple of general steps. This will help you understand where you’re in the process: from design and permits, to excavation and plastering, and lastly, unwinding on the tanning shelf with your feet in the cool pool water.

Design and Permitting – 1 to 8 weeks

This is the most challenging phase to predict how long it will take. While the design process is as easy as it has always been thanks to using 3D modeling, there will probably be lots of phases as we work with you to create the perfect swimming pool customized to what you picture. Furthermore, permitting is frequently beyond the control of your pool contractor. They might have many years of expertise working with municipalities, but based on where you reside, this can be a quick or a lengthy process. Experienced builders do everything they can to expedite the process and have great relationships in the cities where they construct, so this is nearly always the ideal situation rather than the worst.

Excavation – 1 week

You can schedule excavation as soon as you’ve got the design and permits. This is usually a very fast process, but access, the need to work around utility lines, and other factors all have an impact on the timing. This procedure is frequently completed in one or two days.

Steel, Plumbing, Electrical – 1 to 2 weeks

Following the excavation of the pool, your pool contractor lays the steel, routes the electrical and plumbing, and ensures that everything is in place for a long-term pool in your backyard space. There are lots of things to build around, such as your systems, spas, water features, lighting, and so on. This process is still relatively fast, and based on your pool’s complexity and size, the pool professionals can complete it in as little as two weeks.

Gunite, Plastering, Vinyl, Fiberglass – 1-3 weeks

Installing a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool is a relatively simple process because the manufactured liner is brought in and installed. But, if you want a gunite pool, this will take a bit longer. The gunite crew and plastering will be scheduled by your pool contractor. You also have to give the gunite time to cure (which will take up to a week).

Deck, Landscaping, Custom Features 1-4 weeks

The last step before (or sometimes during) enjoying the pool is custom lighting, landscaping, deck installation, waterfalls, and other features. The pool is ready for filling, and your pool contractors are finishing up the finishing touches that will truly make the pool a finished project. This process is heavily influenced by the number of custom features and extras you have included in the pool building project.

Total Time – 6-10 Weeks on Average

Your pool is now ready for use! While it might appear that building a pool takes 6 to 10 weeks (not including extra time for allowing in more challenging areas), the total time to enjoy the pool, 260-2080 weeks, appears to be a good payoff. Pool construction timelines might be delayed because of a shortage of materials and labor, according to Pool Magazine, so that’s something to take note of. If you have any questions about the pool construction process, please contact us for a free estimate.


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