How Swimming Pool Costs Can Add Up Quick

We surveyed pool contractors across the entire country last year. After interviewing hundreds of pool builders across the country we’ve determined that it costs around $35,000 to install a basic inground swimming pool and that is just the start of the expense. If you’ve been considering adding a swimming pool to your yard, then chances are the price of the pool is a big concern.

An inground pool costs on average $51,625 to install a basic pool, with most homeowners spending between $36,750 to $66,500.

Asking a local pool company how much a swimming pool will cost is like asking how much a home costs to construct. There isn’t any one size-fits-all formula that applies.

Work With a Pool Contractor To Determine Your Pool Costs Ahead of Time

Your pool contractor will work with you on determining many elements of your inground pool costs, such as size, features, equipment, enclosures, heaters and patio designs. offers a ballpark estimate of between $36,750 to $66,500 for a basic in-ground swimming pool. That’s a rather wide range, and that’s based off assuming your pool is an average size and depth in an average city. The range also doesn’t cover which deck options and pool features you plan on adding. Upkeep and maintenance costs are also factors which you really need to consider.

“I’ve seen examples of pool buyers getting hit with sudden prices after their project has begun – it really start swith good project planning” says Ryan Baird of Beyond Blue Pools in Houston, TX.

6 Hidden Costs That Come Up In Pool Installations

Baird says that some hidden costs is inevitable, and that “most can and must be caught, or not less than dropped at mild, beforehand.”

Listed below are six hidden costs experts say can derail even the best-planned backyard budgets.

  1. Hauling Away Dirt & Debris
    Whenever an inground swimming pool is being installed, a major amount of dirt and construction debris comes has to be hauled away. Find out before you begin construction whether or not this cost in included.


  2. Fixing The Lawn & Landscape
    An access point may sometimes need to be created in order to facilitate moving heavy construction equipment. That could mean bad news for your beautifully manicured lawn. Your lawn may need to be resodded and sprinklers replaced if damaged due to heavy equipment or construction. Find out if this cost is covered by your pool contractor.
  3. Using Additional Concrete
    Homeowners might overlook the patio and surrounding walkways and deck areas that might require extra concrete The price of your pool patio area can quickly add-on to the overall cost to build the pool.
  4. Additional Electrical Work
    Some pool builders include the electrical work as part of their normal package deal, whereas others deal with it as a separate bill. The extent of the job relies on what number of features are going into the homeowners pool, items such as underwater pool lights, special equipment and built-in’s may require additional electrical work. Be sure you know the final price before you begin construction.
  5. Required Fencing
    Many cities across the country require a pool be built behind some sort of barricade or fence. It’s always a good idea to handle fence installation for your pool perimeter at the same time your swimming pool and deck area are being planned.
  6. Retaining Walls
    These constructions could be expensive. In addition they have excessive significance when it comes to pool and deck stability, in addition to correct yard drainage. Be certain to get a complete quote from your pool contractor and find out if this is an additional cost.  

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