Have a tight budget for building an inground pool? If price is a concern, read these 5 helpful hints on ways to save on your inground pool budget.

January 21, 2021 by Pool Cost
Building an Inground Pool on a Budget

Inground Pools on a Budget  

We all know when thinking about getting that inground pool how much it’s going to cost. Well we’re going to share with you a few ways to get an inground pool on a budget. If you’re looking for ways to save money and still be able to provide a beautiful swimming pool for your family, continue reading.

5 Ways to Get an Inground Pool on a Budget

  1. The Pool Size- Of course the smaller you go with a pools size the cheaper it will be, but you want to be able to have a good amount of space to swim and play in. Whether it’s a 25’ pool

  2. Build in the Offseason- During the winter and fall is really the best times to buy or start building your pool. There are other articles on the website for deeper information. Pool Builders are less busy during these months and not only that. You can save a lot of money from building it during the winter months.

  3. Minimize your Options- You don’t have to buy everything you want to add to your pool right away, you can easily pay for the mandatory stuff and then other things later. This is another quick way to save money.

  4. Pool Structure- An inground pool does cost some money, you can look at the other options you have of the slight inground pools or just the different types of inground pools and shapes. Asking your Pool Builder about the style you want but keeping it in your price range is something to do. Don’t be afraid to ask, our Pool Builders are here to help you.

  5. Ask When Pool Builders Are Running a Sale – One of the best ways to save money on your inground swimming pool is by asking your local pool builder if they are currently running any special sales or promotional events. They can tell you some great ways to save thousands on the price of your pool.

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