Swimming pool prices have jumped up roughly 30% in the last two years. When budgeting for pool construction, keep in mind rising costs for labor and materials.

July 26, 2021 by Pool Cost
Pool Construction Costs Can Add Up Quick

There are numerous companies that offer pool construction services such as equipment upgrades, and renovations, as well as new pool construction for your property. Your home might require something other than a traditional rectangular pool to stand out from the crowd.

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If your budget does not allow for a full pool remodel, you may consider updating the existing equipment to save money. Something as simple as a new LED pool light can have a significant effect. Other enhancements include chemical systems with variable speed motors built in.

New Pool Construction Services

It can be difficult to understand the concept of your project. So, while you’re planning, talk to a builder. Pool construction staff is up to date on all pool styles and regulations, so you will not miss anything important. There’s a correct and incorrect way of constructing an inground or above ground pool.

Aside from regulations, you might want to consider smart building techniques. While you focus on your current design, leave room for future upgrades or additions. Smart pool design also reduces the hassle of safety concerns and the cost of maintenance. You should ideally look for a service provider that can execute and deliver on budget and on time.

Fountain & Water Feature Construction

Water features add a sophisticated touch to the pool. Spray pads and spray parks are common new additions to pool areas. Buyers like them as they are customizable, energy efficient, and appealing to families with children of all ages.

Each element is crucial for pool construction

When we look at a pool, we often only see the surface elements. However, there are layers to your pool’s structure, and each one serves a purpose.


A decorative concrete pool deck is one of the more popular pool construction trends. Although it might end up resembling a patio, it must meet specific requirements for sun reflectivity and slip resistance.


There are numerous pool tiles to decide on, and they are available in a variety of materials and colors. Pool professionals can assist you in selecting your favorites and keeping the pool updated with the latest designs. The top edge of the pool is lined with waterline tile, which helps ensure things stay clean because tile is easy to brush.

When you’re budgeting for pool construction in 2022, keep in mind that all aspects of pool construction have increased in price over the last two years, from the smallest components to the largest.

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