Above Ground Pools

Without installation, the average above-ground pool kit costs $1,500 and ranges anywhere from $850 to $8,200 depending on the brand, size, and other features. Above ground pool prices range from $2,850 to $4,977 installed, with expert installation fees ranging from $1,000 to $3,000.

An installed above ground pool costs roughly $4,800, which is significantly less than an inground pool, which costs $35,000. Because no hole needs to be dug and all of the pool parts are ready to install, the cost of an above ground pool is significantly less than that of an inground pool.

While you can do it yourself, having the ground leveled and the hookups professionally completed will ensure that your investment lasts longer.

Prices for Above-Ground Pools

For new pools, the size will be the most important component in calculating costs. Larger pools are more expensive up front, and they take longer to install. Your pricing will also be affected by the manufacturer you choose and the pool’s quality. Doughboy and Kayak Pools are two of the greatest and most expensive brands on the market, but you get what you paid for.

Size Pool Installation Total
12’ Round $1,100 $750 $1,850
18’ Round $1,500 $950 $2,450
24’ Round $1,800 $1,200 $3,000
30’ Round $2,400 $1,800 $4,200
12′ x 24′ $1,500 $1,800 $3,300
15′ x 30′ $2,000 $2,000 $4,000
18′ x 33′ $2,600 $2,400 $5,000

Above Ground Pool Installation Costs Have Gone Up in 2021
Above Ground Pool Installation Costs Have Gone Up in 2021

Above Ground Pool Prices With Installation

Round, oval, and rectangular above-ground pools are the most common shapes. The shape of the pool you choose has no bearing on the ultimate cost. The height of your pool, which can range from 48″ to 54″, will, however, have an impact on the ultimate price, with taller pools costing more.

Cost of an Above Ground Pool with a Deck

Depending on the size and height of the pool, an above ground pool with deck might cost anywhere from $2,500 to $11,200. A deck surrounding an above-ground pool can cost anywhere from $15 to $30 per square foot, depending on the design and materials utilized. The deck alone can cost anywhere from $2,800 to more than $10,000 to install, or you can buy a modest deck system/kit for $800 to $3,000 as a DIY project.

How much does an above ground pool with a deck cost in 2021?
How much does an above ground pool with a deck cost in 2021?
# of Sides Square Feet Average Cost
1 Deck End 56 $1,400
1 Side 112 $2,800
2 Sides 184 $4,600
3 Sides 256 $6,400
4 Sides 400 $10,000

Sizes and Costs of Above-Ground Pools

The usual above-ground swimming pool kit will cost between $1,490 and $2,400 and will accommodate between 4 and 5 people. Depending on the quality and size of the pool chosen, the price can be significantly more in some situations. In addition, pools that are semi-inground or saltwater compatible will be more expensive.

Size 48” Wall 52” Wall 54” Wall
12’ Round $1,150 – $1,220 $1,120 – $1,330 $1,075 – $1,650
15’ Round $1,300 – $1,490 $1,310 – $1,550 $1,260 – $2,168
18’ Round $1,420 – $1,650 $1,420 – $1,870 $1,580 – $2,200
21’ Round $1,670 – $1,990 $1,490 – $2,100 $1,720 – $2,400
24’ Round $1,610 – $1,940 $1,570 – $2,100 $1,840 – $2,500
27’ Round $1,900 – $2,300 $1,900 – $2,500 $2,100 – $2,800
30’ Round – – $2,200 – $2,800 $2,400 – $3,000
12’x24’ $1,290 – $1,550 $1,180 – $2,050 $1,430 – $2,500
15’x30’ $1,520 – $1,695 $1,620 – $2,400 $1,790 – $6,130
16’x32’ – – $1,370 – $2,330 $2,250 – $3,999
18’x33’ $1,670 – $1,935 $1,850 – $2,650 $1,960 – $8,240

Find out the cost for an above ground pool with a deck. Get 2021 Prices
Find out the cost for an above ground pool with a deck. Get 2021 Prices

Packages & Kits for Above-Ground Pools

Above-ground pool kits and packages range in price from $720 to $8,240, depending on size, and do not include expert installation. Another alternative is to purchase a “easy setup” pool from Walmart, Lowes, or Amazon, such as an Intex. These pools can be as cheap as $49 for an 8′ diameter pool with a filter, but they usually only survive a few seasons, if not only one. These pools may come with a five-year limited warranty in some situations.

Above Ground Pool Equipment

Pool Equipment Packages for Above Ground Pools

Depending on the shape and size of the pool, the wall height, frame type, top rails, skimmer wall hole, liner type, quality, accessories, and warranties, additional equipment packages range from $720 to $1,410.

The frame, pool filter, pump system, pool liner, ladder, and a complete two-year warranty are all included in the most basic pool kit. Water jets, a skimmer, steel walls, a longer warranty, and a more durable liner and set of steps are commonly included in the more expensive above-ground pool packages. Decking, fencing, and a cover are frequently included in luxury packages, although these are normally only available from above-ground pool firms that also perform installation.

Get the cost of an above ground pool installation. 2021 Above Ground Pool Prices
Get the cost of an above ground pool installation. 2021 Above Ground Pool Prices

Cost of Installing an Above-Ground Pool

In addition to the cost of the pool kit, the cost of installing an above ground pool ranges from $750 to $3,000. The size and shape of the pool, as well as the grade of the soil at the pool’s chosen location, are all factors that influence the pool installation cost. Installing an oval pool is more expensive than installing a round pool, and rectangular pools are much more expensive because they require more structural support.

How Long Does an Above-Ground Pool Take to Install?

Depending on the size of the pool and the state of your yard, your above-ground pool can be installed and ready to use in 1 to 3 days. This method entails drilling an 18-inch deep electrical trench, electrical work, pool construction, liner, skimmer, and pump installation. If you’re adding a perimeter fence or a deck system, expect to spend more time and money.

Setup Fees for Above-Ground Pools

Aside from the pool kit and professional installation, there are pool setup charges and optional amenities such as an automatic pool cleaner to consider.


Filling a 24′ pool with 14,700 gallons of water might cost anywhere from $80 to $160, or trucking it in can cost anywhere from $600 to $1200. Some fire agencies also provide this service. You may have various alternatives for water, including city water, well water, or having it carried in, but you’ll need to filter well water before putting it in your pool. Keep in mind the well’s capacity to ensure you don’t run out of water.

Steps and Ladders

Pool steps and ladders range in price from $15 to $620, depending on the quality and function sought. When determining which ladders or stairs to use to enter and exit your pool, you have various options to consider. Some are so light that weights are required to keep them from floating. Consider adding safety elements to prevent swimmers, particularly small children, from becoming entangled behind the ladder.

Above Ground Pool Ladder Cost - Above Ground Pool Steps, Stairs

The price of installing an above-ground pool’s electrical system

It’s a good idea to hire an electrician, and you should anticipate to pay between $40 and $100 per hour for an above-ground pool electrician. Depending on the size of the pool and the weight of the pool equipment, prices will likely range from $350 to $500. The pool pump and filter both require electricity. It’s critical to make sure all of your pool’s electrical components are properly installed, especially because they’re so close to the water.

Pool Filters

Filters for above-ground pools cost between $40 and $770 on average. Contaminants that would normally collect in your pool are caught by filters. To keep your water safe and clean, you’ll need a decent filter. Filters made of sand, cartridges, or DE (diatomaceous earth) are available. The pump, filter, base, and fittings are all included in most filters.

Pool Heaters

Above-ground pool heaters are priced between $40 and $2,190 on average. The cost of a heater for a pool the size of an average inground pool can range from $550 to over $10,000, plus $400 to $500 for installation.

The cost of an electric tankless water heater ranges from $500 to $600.
Electric pool water heaters that are larger cost between $1,500 and $3,500.
Large gas-powered pool water heaters range in price from $800 to $2,000.
Consider acquiring an above-ground pool heater if you want to extend your pool season into the cooler months. Gas, propane, electric, and solar heaters are examples of different types of heaters. The heater’s brand, kind, and engine power, as well as the size of your pool, all affect the price.

Covers for Swimming Pools

Depending on the size and shape of your pool as well as the quality of the winter pool cover, you may expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $450. Winter covers protect all types of pools from winter weather, as well as undesired algae and debris, and can assist avoid drownings if they are safety graded. To withstand the weight of ice and snow, some include reinforced stitching. Others have a drainage system built in, ensuring that no water pools in the middle of the cover.

An inflatable pool dome, which costs between $750 and $1,500, is another possibility. The dome is inflated by an air pump to keep rain, insects, and UV rays out. Before storms and during the winter, the dome must be deflated.

Pool Lighting

The cost of lighting your pool is determined by your objectives. Each piece of basic lighting costs between $16 and $106. Lighting not only adds safety to your pool, but it also aids in the creation of mood, from relaxation to celebratory décor.

Water Features, Fountains, and Waterfalls

The peaceful, smooth flow of water from fountains and waterfalls adds to your pool experience. Basic water features like fountains and waterfalls can be purchased for as little as $26–$72, while more complex waterfalls can cost upwards of $300.

Fence Around the Pool

On average, pool safety fencing costs $12 to $15 per linear foot, with most pool owners spending $900 to $1,500 for installation and materials. The cost of a fence is determined by its height, length or perimeter, the number of gates required, and the type of surface it will be built on.

Above Ground Pools Vs Inground Pools
Above Ground Pools Vs Inground Pools

Swimming Pools: In-Ground vs. Above-Ground

Inground or built-in pools are more expensive to install than above-ground pools, but they stay longer. Keep in mind that inground pools may add or detract from the market value of your house, and not everyone is comfortable with the upkeep and cost of owning an inground pool. Above-ground pools are easier to remove than in-ground pools.


Above-ground pools are just as big as in-ground pools. Instead of having a deep end and shallow end, most above-ground pools have a constant depth.
Inground and above-ground pools demand similar amounts of maintenance. If an above-ground pool does not have a deck, cleaning it is more challenging.
Longevity is a term used to describe a person’s ability to live Above-ground pools typically endure 7 to 15 years, and above-ground pool liners typically last six years. The longevity of an inground pool is determined by the pool’s type. Inground pools typically endure at least ten years, with some lasting up to twenty.

Cost of an Above-Ground Pool vs. an In-Ground Pool

An inground pool costs on average $35,000 to install, with most homeowners spending between $28,000 and $55,000. Every year, the extra expense of pool ownership for necessary upkeep, increased utilities, and repairs ranges from $2,500 to $5,000.

Cost Considerations About Above Ground Pools
Cost Considerations About Above Ground Pools

Considerations for Above-Ground Pools

Consider the following factors when you consider establishing an above-ground pool:

Is a Permit Required for an Above-Ground Pool?

Check with your local government to see whether you need a permit to install your pool. Be aware of any applicable codes that may have an impact on the location and installation of your pool.

Is it true that above-ground pools raise property taxes?

Most homeowners groups and communities do not consider above-ground pools to be constructions. They usually have no impact on your property taxes.

Is Having an Above-Ground Pool Going to Affect My Insurance?

Consult your insurance provider to ensure that you are following your policy and are protected for any problems that may emerge as a result of owning a pool. In order to be covered by insurance, you will typically need to erect protective fencing around a pool. In most situations, however, guests are protected for any injuries sustained while in the pool.

Is it necessary to erect a fence around my above-ground pool?

Install a pool fence if you want your above-ground pool to be considered a structure by your insurance carrier. A fence is also recommended for the safety of children and pets as well as seclusion from nosy neighbors.

Should I buy a deck for my above ground pool?

What really completes an above ground pool area is having a proper pool deck. If you are creating a budget for an inground pool project and plan on adding an above ground pool deck, you should account for at least $2,500 for a small basic deck and upwards of $4,000-$10,000 or more for larger sized decks or composite / vinyl decking.

Additional Points to Consider

Pool Construction

Above-ground pools are commonly composed of steel, resin, wood, or aluminum, with an inner vinyl liner supported by a supporting frame. When compared to metal pool frames, resin pool frames do not get hot to the touch and are less likely to rust or corrode over time. The walls of resin pools are composed of steel, but the tracks, rails, and other components are made of heavy-duty plastic. Steel is commonly used for the walls, rails, and tracks of steel pools.


What is the ground’s layout and surrounding landscaping like? Will you have to deal with a slant or prune trees and shrubs?

Pool Purpose

Consider additional elements that may improve the safety or even the looks of your pool, depending on your reasons for having one. Will there be little children or dogs in the vicinity? Do you intend to have a lot of parties near the pool? Will you require lights for use at night?

Electrical Requirements

The pump and filter in your above-ground pool will require electricity to operate. The service must be run through a trench from the breaker box to the pool area. Consult an electrician to ensure that all electrical components are fitted appropriately and safely.

Soil Stability

Once you’ve excavated the surface of the dirt for leveling, use a tamper to compact the soil before adding sand. Investigate adequate ground preparation to reduce the chances of substantial settling beneath your pool.

What are the maintenance costs with an above ground pool?
What are the maintenance costs with an above ground pool?

Cost of Above-Ground Pool Maintenance

Proper upkeep is included in the continuing expenditures of owning an above-ground pool. If you maintain your pool yourself, it will cost you $5 to $15 per month, or $80 to $150 per month if you hire a professional. Expect to pay $150 or more for a one-time pool cleaning, depending on the size and type of pool you have.

A pool care firm will charge $60–$90 per hour, however maintaining your pool yourself can cost under $100 per year. Chemicals alone cost $60 to $180 per year on average for an above-ground pool. Keep in mind that the initial cost of tools will have an impact on the average price for the first year.

Cleaning and Closing of the Pool

When it’s time to close up shop for the season, you’ll want to winterize your pool, which might cost upwards of $250. A final pool cleaning, adding chemicals, preserving the skimmer, filter, and pump, and covering the pool are all part of the winterizing process.

Cost of Replacing an Above-Ground Pool Liner

The cost of replacing an above-ground pool liner ranges from $350 to $1,600, depending on the quality, style, and size. The cost of the liner and installation are included in this price range. Your above-ground pool’s liner should be replaced every 6 years.

Most Common Questions About Above Ground Pools
Most Common Questions About Above Ground Pools

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Does Having an Above-Ground Pool Increase the Value of Your Home?
In most cases, an above-ground pool will not raise the value of your home. Because an above-ground pool is simple to remove, it will add no value to your home. When assessing property value, an appraiser focuses more on square footage and comparable sales.

What Do You Put Under an Above-Ground Swimming Pool?
The typical procedure involves leveling your pool with 6”x6” square pavers and then spreading a sand pad over it. The standard depth of sand to use under the floor of an above ground pool is 2 inches. The smoothness of the pool’s bottom is more crucial than its levelness. Other alternatives for a commercial pad, concrete pad, or solid foam under an above ground pool that stands on grass include a commercial pad, concrete pad, or solid foam.

Where Can I Purchase Above-Ground Pools?
The best places to shop for an above ground pool include Lowe’s, Home Depot, Amazon, Wal-Mart, and local pool supply stores. However, you should first speak with pool installers to see if they can get you a better rate.

What is the height of the highest above-ground pool?
The tallest above-ground pool is 54 inches tall, with additional conventional pool wall heights of 48 inches and 52 inches. However, because pools are seldom filled to the top, the waterline is normally 8” lower than the wall height.

Is It Possible For An Above-Ground Pool To Be Salt Water?
Yes, depending on the size of the pool, an above ground chlorinated pool can be changed to salt water for between $600 and $1,100. Installing a salt water chlorination system and adding enough salt bags will require the assistance of an expert. Make sure your pool is saltwater suitable when you buy it.

Is it Possible to Install an Above-Ground Pool in the Ground?
Semi-above-ground pools are designed to be built up to halfway into the ground, giving the pool a more attractive low-profile appearance. However, before you buy the pool, be sure it can be buried in the ground. If you have any questions, contact the manufacturer or a highly trained representative at your local pool store.

How Long Will an Above-Ground Pool Last?
Above-ground pool liners should be replaced every 5 to 9 years, while the pool itself should last 7 to 15 years before it needs to be replaced.