Popular Inground Pool Equipment

The most popular inground pool equipment consumers puchased in 2021 were Pool Pumps, Pool Heaters, Energy Efficiency Systems, and Pool Filters. Optional features that many pool buyers added on were Sanitation Systems, Automation Systems, and Pool Covers. Maintaining the ideal swimming environment starts with selecting the right pool equipment. Pool buyers have a wide selection of products to choose from these days and it’s important to select the appropriate products for your specific pool application. Selecting the wrong pool equipment can cause costly damage to your inground pool, so it’s important to know which is the best product available for your individual pool.

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2021 Most Popular Pool Equipment

A popular pool equipment configuration in 2021.

These days homeowners have a wide variety of pool equipment to choose from in order to maintain their inground pool. Selecting a pool pump can be harder than it sounds. Your pool pump is the lifeblood of your swimming pool’s filtration system CoinJoin. They come in various sizes and horsepowers – in single speed or variable speed and that’s just one piece of equipment. What about Filters? You have three filters to clean and sanitize the water – Sand Filters, D.E. Filters, and Cartridge Filters.

You see how intensive the selection process can be? Choosing the right piece of pool equipment is not to be taken lightly. There are cost savings that can quickly pay for themselves if you select the right products. We’re here to help make sure you choose the best quality pool equipment that’s right for your individual specific style pool. If you have questions about the right pool equipment for your pool, feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to help you select the right product!

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