We recommend the Jandy Pro Series line of pool heaters for the purposes of efficiently heating your swimming pool.

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JXi™ Pool & Spa Heater


VersaFlo Integrated Bypass technology for JXi available installed from the factory (select models) or as an easy retrofit to any JXi pool and spa heater on site.
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LXi™ Pool & Spa Heater


Jandy LXi pool and spa/hot tub heaters exceed environmental standards for low-NOx emissions. Lower emissions mean you can enjoy your pool…
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With an impressive 95% heating efficiency rating, the Hi-E2 pool heater outperforms any other gas pool heater, reducing operating costs by 30% or more…
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Bring heating comfort to your pool or spa today. Legacy pool heaters deliver exceptional pool and spa comfort year‐round…
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Do I Need a Pool Heater?

Extend the life of your swim season well into the cooler months with a pool heater.
Extend the life of your swim season well into the cooler months with a pool heater.

Building the perfect pool environment begins with establishing proper water temperatures that are ideal for swimming. Keep your pool swim ready in the cooler months and extend the life of your swim season by having a professional pool contractor install a swimming pool heater.

Gas & Electric Pool Heaters: Which One Is Best?

Gas heaters, more so than heat pumps, will provide you with instant heat. They are very fast and heat the water quickly but are expensive to operate. As long as you aren’t looking to heat your pool 24/7 a good gas heater will serve you well. Electric heaters are generally less expensive to operate but unless you own a smaller pool with a cover, an electric heater will not be able to heat the water nearly as quickly as a gas pool heater will and takes a much longer time for temperatures to reach a satisfactory level inside the pool.

Are Solar Pool Heaters a Better Solution?

Solar Pool Heaters are very efficient in southern climates year-round and extends swim time in northern climates. By using the sun’s energy the existing pool pump circulates water through the heater which is often located on the rooftop or on a frame constructed somewhere in the backyard. Solar heating requires a system equal to 50%-100% of the pool’s surface. While solar energy might be free, the pool pump must still be running in order for the solar heater to properly. In short, you’re still using electricity either way.

Where Can I Find an Installer for My Pool Heater?

Pool heaters can be added on at any time, not necessarily during the construction phase of your pool. If you’d like to add-on a new pool heater and are looking for a professional that installs pool equipment, we’ve got you covered. Search from a network of professional pool contractors in your local area and find the right installer for the job!