Popular Inground Pool Features

Consider how you’ll use your pool before choosing custom features. A prime example is the Baja Shelf which are great if you spend lots of time tanning or have little kids. Pool buyers frequently choose to build a swim-up bar for entertaining friends and family poolside. Your pool is also a great way for recreational exercise. Set up basketball hoops and volleyball nets for hours of fun in the pool for the whole family. Your pool contractor or pool designer will be able to recommend popular features that other pool buyers in your local area are adding on to their pools.

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These Pool Features That Will Take Your Inground Pool From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Add exciting water features to your pool and light up the night with custom LED lighting. Create a lazy river effect in your backyard with relaxing forced current to propel you around the pool. Choose a spa spillover effect, or waterfalls that flow over a custom grotto. Add jets that shoot water into the air. Add custom uplighting to the landscape so that your entire backyard becomes a focal point at night.

2021 Most Popular Pool Features

Built-ins create an entirely unique experience in your pool. Transform your backyard into the ultimate summer hang out. You can create a resort atmosphere in your backyard with custom pool built-ins and add-ons. Have your pool contractor install an in-water table and bar stools for a cool spot to gather with friends. Or opt for a glamorous beach entry that will makes one think they’re stepping directly into the ocean.

If you have additional space, an outdoor shower can be a practical and useful add-on. The perfect accent to your pool, an open-air shower provides your guests and family with place to rinse off after a dip in the pool. Take it one step further by creating a pool house to store equipment, maintenance items, and seasonal pool gear.

Must Have Pool Features

Fire Pit
A great gathering place for conversations and creating just the right mood. Pool buyers are incorporating fire elements into their pool design. Creating detached and combo Fire & Water effects where the fire pit is attached to the pool area for a more dramatic effect.

A firepit immediately adds a level of comfort and sophistication to your pool area.

Tanning Ledge
Also known as baja shelves, tanning ledges are more popular than ever. They’re a big trend this year and a family-friendly innovation. This popular feature allows you to tan on the water without getting all the way into the pool. Typically these shelves are submerged about a foot deep.

A tanning ledge provides the ideal place to soak up the rays poolside.

Spillover Spa
Pool buyers are creating exciting effects with an inground pool and spa combo where a small waterfall spills over the lip of the spa into the pool creating a relaxing and soothing effect.

A spill over spa adds a refined look and the tranquil sound of moving water.

LED Lighting
The technology for pool lighting is rapidly advancing. Pool buyers are excited by the new ways they can incorporate sophisticated lighting features incorporated into smarphones and tablets that can control pool equipment, pumps, heaters, and lighting all from one convenient console.

LED Pool Lighting makes a big difference and lights up the night around the pool.

Creating a secret hideaway seems to be a popular feature with pool buyers this year. Contractors are creating spectacular pool caves and grottos with natural and manmade stone. Over the top features like diving rocks, swim up bars, and hidden lounge areas are a big request as well.

Adding a hidden grotto is a popular water feature pool owners enjoy.

Sheer Descent
A cascading waterfall effect that produces a clear arc of water is majestic. Couple it with sophisticated led lighting and the effect becomes dramatic and a focal point of the pool.

For a truly resort style pool, consider adding some sheer descents.

Automatic Pool Cover
Today’s pool buyer wants a convenient and easy way to keep their pool covered when not in operation. With the simple push of a button an automatic pool cover driven by a powerful motor mechanism closes your pool safely and securely.

An automatic pool cover makes opening and closing your pool convenient & easy.

Deck Jets
Graceful arcs of water seem to magically appear from the pool deck. Pool buyers enjoy this sophisticated feature and frequently incorporate LED lights to create an even more impressive effect in the water.

Deck jets add a fun dimension of light and moving water in the pool area.

Negative Edge
Similar to an infinity pool, a negative edge pool creates a flat, glass-like appearance where the pointed end has water flowing continuously over the side creating a vanishing edge effect. The pool has hidden returns to bring the water back into the pool creating a never ending effect.

A negative edge pool is a modern and sophisticated look for your pool.

Glass Tiles
Today’s discerning pool buyer is incorporating luxurious glass tiles into the interior of their pool to create a sophisticated, iridescent look. Some accent the pool in key parts with glass tiles while others line the entire pool.

A beautiful rollover effect with glass mosaic tile is very popular in 2021.

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