Buying a Swimming Pool in North Carolina

North Carolina is known for it’s long hot and humid summers, making the ideal conditions for many North Carolina homeowners to consider purchasing an inground swimming pool. With a generous number of days with temperatures in swim range, it’s no wonder so many North Carolina pool buyers want to maximize their investment. We’re seeing more and more over the top pools coming out of North Carolina with beautiful beach entries, grottos, waterfalls and jump rocks that rival anything being done on the west coast. Researching North Carolina Pool Prices? Keep reading.

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Construction Costs: AVERAGE
Swimming Season: LONG

north carolina pool prices
What do inground swimming pools cost in North Carolina? Let’s find out.

Long Swim Season

Unlike states further north on the east coast, you’ll find a longer than average swim season in North Carolina – it’s frequently hot and humid all summer long with many days within ideal swim temperatures. You’ll find that many North Carolina pool buyers opt to add on complete outdoor kitchens, raised spas, and add tons of bells and whistles to their pool installation. It’s a great way maximize their investment and take complete advantage of the number of available days to be spent in the backyard.

How much does an above ground pool cost?

How much do inground pools cost?

How Much Does it Typically Cost to Install an Inground Swimming Pool in North Carolina?


Construction costs for installing an inground swimming pool in North Carolina are on par with what you’ll find in the rest of the country. A quick survey of North Carolina pool builders in multiple cities came back with prices that start in the $38,000-$50,000 range which sounds about right for an Inground Swimming Pool in this area of the country. Many homeowners opt to add on extra features so that may pad costs a bit. The building permit process for installing a pool in North Carolina can be trickier than in comparison to most states and there are special rules and regulations about installing a perimeter fence around your pool so plan to spend a bit there as well. We hope you find these tips helpful but always consult with a professional swimming pool contractor first.

Average North Carolina Pool Prices start at $38,000-$50,000 for a basic inground pool. Check prices from local pool contractors below.

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