Buying a Swimming Pool in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania offers a slower pace of living then you’ll find in some of the other Northeastern states like New York and Massachusetts. Pennsylvania homeowners who opt to install an inground swimming pool do so for a variety of reasons. Because of the mountainous setting, lack of beaches, and heavily wooded surroundings; Pennsylvania pool buyers find that they can bring the beach to them when they install a pool. The Keystone state is a veritable hot bed of pool buyers. It seems Pennsylvania homeowners know all to well the value swimming pool ownership can bring. Researching Pennsylvania Pool Prices? Keep reading.

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Construction Costs: HIGH
Swimming Season: AVERAGE

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Average Swim Season

Like many other states in the Northeast, Pennsylvania doesn’t enjoy an especially long swim season. However, you’ll still be able to enjoy your pool during the warmer months you’ll be swimming from Memorial Day until at least Labor Day. Pennsylvania pool buyers who opt to install an electric heater find that they can extend their pool season until Fall. With chilly mountain nights, it’s actually a recommendation if you are not a fan of cooler temperatures.

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How much do inground pools cost?

How Much Does it Typically Cost to Install an Inground Swimming Pool in Pennsylvania?


Pool construction costs in Pennsylvania are slightly higher than in comparison with the rest of the nation. A quick survey of Pennsylvania pool builders in multiple cities came back with prices that start in the $47,000-$59,000 range which sounds about right for an Inground Swimming Pool in this area of the country. You’ll want to find a skilled swimming pool contractor first because of the arduous permit process regarding installing an inground swimming pool. Most counties in Pennsylvania have no special rules or regulations pertaining to perimeter fencing around the pool, but check with your pool builder first.

Average Pennsylvania Pool Prices start at $47,000-$59,000 for a basic inground pool. Check prices from local pool contractors below.

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