There are a few quick references pool buyers can use to easily find out how much above ground and inground swimming pools really cost.

April 3, 2021 by Pool Cost
Referable Pool Estimate Guides

When you’re ready to start your pool estimate, you may be searching for a pool guide to refer to. Before you begin your project, you should ensure that you are getting the best price and that you completely understand the costs. In this article, we will discuss gunite concrete pool costs and what to expect in terms of price and the process of getting your new backyard pool.

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Referable Pool Estimate Guides – Guiding Your Pool Plan

Referable Pool Estimate Guides

Gunite concrete is a popular choice for inground pools, and it uses standard concrete forms, reinforcement, and building techniques. Inground pools often need excavation and removal work, as well as other on-site building activity after the removal is completed.

The average cost of installing a gunite concrete pool is heavily influenced by material and finish grade, material volume, and finished surface area. Special needs, preparation and labor rate, all factor into the cost of new pool installation. In the following sections, we will look at some examples of how much it may cost to have the pool installed by a professional and how much you might be able to save by doing it yourself.

Referable Pool Estimate Guides – Inground Pool

This is an example of excavating and removing soil, as well as constructing a 12′ x 24′ pool and adding a 20-mile transport range, as well as waste, equipment, and material.

Gunite concrete with a depth of 3′ to 6′ slope, a 612 sq ft finished surface, a 288 sq ft footprint with a 6″ x 6″ tile border, a pipe, pump, filter, and a 120V switch costs $39 per sq ft, for a total of $25,801.

The cost of upgrading the flatwork will include installing a 4″ thick x 4″ wide perimeter walkway and a 20′ x 12′ patio slab. The cost is $3.23 per square foot, multiplied by the 642 required, for a total of $2,074.

Remember the upgraded fence, which will cost you extra to install a 5′ tall vinyl picket security fence around the patio perimeter and footpath, with a self-closing gate and a concrete post placement. You are looking at $15.71 per foot with a requirement of 143, for a total of $2,244 on this part.

The material cost alone is $30,119, but you must also factor in the labor cost to construct the pool, upgrade the fence, and upgrade the flatwork, which is $34 per hour. 148 hours for the pool construction totaling $5,032, 24 hours for the flatwork upgrade totaling $816, and finally, 14 hours for the fence upgrade totaling $476. This brings the total cost to $36,443.

Referable Pool Estimate Guides – Other Considerations

Referable Pool Estimate Guides

These costs are for having a pool professional in the immediate area and do not include permit fees or taxes. You might also have to pay for residential site clearing and other preparation work.

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