Not everything you see in the advertisement is what is included in the pool estimate. It’s important to fully understand your pool contract before you sign it and have your pool contractor clear up anything you think may be included but might not be.

March 10, 2021 by Pool Cost
What's Not Included In a Pool Estimate?

Once we have agreed on the type of pool we want, we’ll need to get a pool estimate. The only issue is that those doing the estimating do not say what’s not included in a pool estimate. This may leave you short of money and unsatisfied at the end of the project, so ensure that you understand just what you’re getting into before beginning pool construction.

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When you start the pool project, you will undoubtedly realize that pool toys will not be included in the construction of the pool. What else isn’t included in the pool estimate? Aside from the $20,000 – $40,000 or more for the pool, what else can you expect to purchase? See the list below.

Safety Features

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Pool enclosures are certainly needed by law where you reside. Having a fenced outdoor space is not always enough. You must ensure that you’re in compliance with the laws, or you will face serious difficulties in the future.

For instance, having a gate mechanism that automatically closes the gate if you leave it open could be a requirement. Safety pool covers, pool alarms, and other accessories are frequently required to maintain compliance. Familiarize yourself with the local laws to make sure you haven’t overlooked anything. Even if the law doesn’t require you to have these items, it’s best to know that they are useful and will let you to have peace of mind while probably saving a life. You’ll be able to determine the additional costs once you know what the laws are and what wasn’t included in the pool estimate.

Landscaping Around Your Pool

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You cannot have a stunning pool in the middle of a barren landscape, and you’re most likely already thinking about what you want to do with the space. The only issue is that you might be unaware of the costs that aren’t included in the pool estimate. Even if the pool contractors will build the patio and some other features for you, there will be many things they didn’t include in the plan, so ensure that you factor this into your project’s cost.

Extras for Your Pool

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When it comes to pool accessories, there are a plethora of options to consider. You might want to consider getting a robotic pool cleaner so you do not have to use a lot of time manually cleaning the pool. Testing equipment and other items will add up as you keep buying pool-related items.

Insurance Increases

The increase in insurance cost that you have with your homeowner’s insurance is one of the continuing costs you will have. Ensure that you talk to your insurance agent about how much money you can expect to pay now that you have a pool in your backyard. Remembering these things will help you avoid going over budget and running into problems with your project.

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